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General profile:

Company : Electrum Services
Established : 2006
Address : Suit E-11, Alqadir Heihts, 1-Babar Block,
New Garden Town, Lahore.
Phone/Fax : +92 423 5842604-05/+92 423 5842606
Cell Phone : +92 321 4613517
Email : [email protected]

Product line:

  •  Service, such as: Field service, installation, leveling & alignment, CNC trouble Shooting, calibration & field scrapping.
  •  Maintenance, such as: Maintenance agreement.
  •  Retrofit/rebuild, such as: Retrofit, rebuild & remanufacture
  •  Tooling, such as: Dies & up tool for press brake machine, blades for shearing machine & cutting Tool for lathe & milling machine.
  •  Machines, such as: Sheet metal machines : Press brake, shearing, turret punch, Compressors, etc Cutting metal machines : Milling, Lathe, etc
  •  Trainings, such as: CNC Machines: Operation, Programming, Preventive Maintenance, etc
  • Software: CAD/CAM, Designing, Simulation and Analysis, Project Management, etc


Field Service                                                                                                                      

Electrum field service engineers travel country wide and abroad to install and repair all types of machinery. Our extensive experience with many different brands of equipment ensures that we can handle complex problems with ease.


Electrum experienced mechanics and control technicians assist you every step of the way in the quick, safe installation and startup of your machine tool. We’ll assist in proper location, placement, leveling and alignment. Once installed, we’ll assist with a dry or wet run-in. We’ll assist and advise regarding issues such as linear or box ways, spindle alignment and balancing, tool changers, pallet systems and tooling issues.

Leveling & Alignment

Alignments are a crucial step in setting up a machine to cut accurate parts. Using precision levels, granite squares, straight edges equipment, Electrum service engineers can make the corrections required to hold tolerances. Various alignment tests and verifications include straightness, runout, parallelism, squareness, bore alignment, shaft alignment, flatness measuring and more.

Field Scraping

Productivity and quality decrease as your machine wears. If your machine is beginning
to show signs of wear, Electrum can disassemble it, scrape all of the bearing surfaces and restore your ability to cut good parts.


The Troubleshooting Service includes the repair of any abnormal machine condition or failure. See examples below. Electrum does not include service repairs in our Maintenance Agreement program. However, Troubleshooting can be scheduled with our service department and our qualified & experience technician will perform any repairs necessary to maximize equipment effectiveness.

  •  Turret Realignment
  •  Headstock Realignment
  •  Table Realignment
  •  Machine Relocation
  •  Re-level Machine
  •  Control Issues
  •  ATC Issues
  •  Scraping
  •  APC Issue
  •  Spindle Issues
  •  Magazine Issues


Maintenance Agreement

An MA is a scheduled complete machine condition-monitoring program. This is done with the use of pro-active and preventive maintenance, forming a baseline or footprint of the machine. See examples below. By doing this studies have shown large savings in maintenance costs and increased productivity due to less down time. MA customers receive discounts

  •  Changing Fluids
  •  Cleaning Filters
  •  Checking Alignments
  •  Checking ATC Alignments
  •  Checking APC Alignments
  •  Changing Batteries
  •  Checking Axis Backlash
  •  Check Safety Equipment
  •  Inspect Guards & Wipers


Electrum Services has a long list of customers from private and public sector organization, some of

these are listed below:

  1. HIT. APC Factory, Texila Cantt.
  2. HIT. DESCOM Factory, Texila Cantt.
  3. HIT. ARRDIC Factory, Texila Cantt.
  4. HIT. GUN Factory, Texila Cantt.
  5. PAC. ARF Factory, Kamra Attock.
  6. PAC. AMF Factory, Kamra Attock.
  7. Mannan Shahid Forging, Lahore.
  8. Precision Forging, Lahore.
  9. Qadir Engineering, Lahore.
  10. Metaline Engineering, Lahore.
  11. Hawks Enginnering, Lahore.


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