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Why you should choose ELECTRUM

Brief Introduction

ELECTRUM is part of a 30 years old renowned group of companies by the name Electroservice Pakistan. Operating in the fields of Transformers, Rectifiers, AVRs, UPS, LV Panels and CNC Machines their installation commissioning and servicing. Founded in January 2006, to diversify the existing business, ELECTRUM is providing following technical/consulting services:

services 1Services We Offer:

  • Electrical Contracts on turnkey basis
  • CNC Machines (Lath, copy milling, CNC punching, Cut to line Machine) installations commissioning and services.
  • LV & HV Switchgear and Panel Services (Revamping, Modification & Maintenance)
  • Transformer Maintenance Services (Onsite & at works)
  • Transformer Oil centrifuging (dehydration)
  • Renovation of old or unused transformers
  • Complete overhauling of used transformers
  • Electrification (Commercial, Industrial & Residential)
  • Installation, Commissioning of all types of HV, MV & LV networking
  • Engineering and Design Support
  • Industrial Automation of Electrical and Mechanical Installations
  • Infra Red Thermography Analysis of Electrical Equipment
  • Technical Assistance, Consultancy & Inspection Services for Electrical Equipments
  • Repairs, Fault investigation, trouble shooting of all types of electrical installations and e q uipments
  • Predictive, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Solutions & Services contracts (On monthly and yearly basis)
  • Energy Management, Audit & Conservation
  • Power Factor Improvement & MDI Control Solutions
  • Power Quality & Harmonic Analysis (THD Measurements)
  • Voltage Regulation, Stabilization & UPS solutions.
  • Mechanical Engineering Works such as Designing and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels,
  • Storage Tanks, Piping, Plumbing and Machining works.

services 2Since its inception, an unparalleled combination of engineering support, guaranteed quality, competitive price, and on time delivery helped us evolve as a most valuable partner to managers and business owners throughout the country.

ELECTRUM is a company born out of one desire: to solve the problems that keep our clients up at night. We’re an energetic group comprised of highly trained engineers, consultants and installation technicians with years of experience. From all that energy and experience, we’ve built a solution company where employees subscribe to a “let’s try this” mind‐set while checking.

services 3“You can’t do that” attitudes at the door. Where ideas are valued more than titles. Where people talk, hypothesize, listen and learn. Where folks aren’t afraid to have an opinion. And where new solutions to age old problems are sought.

The complete scope of our services combined with the research, development and technical know how from ELECTRUM enables us to provide efficient, cost effective solutions compatible to local environment.

ELECTRUM is confident in having expertise and experience of Testing and Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Components. Our teams are well equipped and well trained in the field of Maintenance, Testing and commissioning.

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